Tacos, Mail and a Kitty

Good morning!

It’s a bright, beautiful Sunday morning. It seems like all we’ve been getting lately are sunny days (not that I’m complaining…)

Yesterday was super fun and was one of those days where you realize how grateful you are for all of the people in your life, past and present. It was also one of those days where you realize how quickly life moves, yet how lucky you are to have those awesome people beside you for the ride.

I woke up and, after some procrastination, showered and headed up to Jersey City to visit Elora. After a short walk to grab a newspaper, we took the train to this divey (in a good way!), delicious Mexican joint on Grove Street called Taqueria. Their complimentary chips and salsa were amazing – the tortilla chips were the thickest I’ve ever had and you could tell the salsa was handmade, not just from a jar. We ordered margaritas on the rocks (small but potent!) and I ordered two chorizo sopes, aka open-faced tacos. This is the first time I ever had sopes, and to be honest I didn’t know what they were before yesterday. The shells were thick, the chorizo was savory and the toppings were saucy and delicious. I would definitely order them again. The most exciting part of lunch, though, was when Elora asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next spring in the Catskills! It’s amazing to think about how we’ve known each other since second grade and how for most of our friendship we lived hours apart. No matter how many miles separated us, when we get together we are always still on the same bandwidth. And now after all these years, I get to be a part of her wedding, too.

Taqueria Sopes
Chorizo sopes at Taqueria

After lunch, we stumbled (seriously, those margaritas were intense) to a street festival we saw on the way to Taqueria, which ended up being the Jersey City Pride Festival. Everyone there looked so happy, and we happened to run into a man who was advertising a local dance school, which Elora and Jed want to attend for wedding dance lessons. We also found green apple Jolly Rancher lollipops, which still seem to be my favorite flavor after all these years.

Jersey City Pride Festival
Jersey City Pride Festival

We grabbed some iced coffee and returned to Elora’s adorable, quaint apartment where she served me delicious mint lemonade. Seriously, it was so pulpy and tangy, and inspired me to make more homemade drinks myself. For the next hour Elora showed me all of her wedding planning materials and we browsed bridesmaid dresses. I never realized how much work really goes into planning a wedding (even if it’s not a rager) and it was actually really helpful to hear from her what it’s like, should the day come when I need to plan my own, too (especially because we have virtually the same taste in everything).

When I got home, the cutest letter/trinkets from my dad were waiting in my mailbox:

Collar trinketCollar trinket Magnet

Well, I’m off to hydrate and go for a run at the park. Lawrence comes home around noon, and then we go to pick up our new kitten, Zoe! I will be sure to post all about that later.


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