Happy September!

I know I’m a few days late, but Happy September! It’s still 90+ degrees outside but I know fall is right around the corner and that’s enough to excite me. Autumn is definitely my favorite season… I love snuggling up in sweaters, watching the leaves change and it’s the only time of year I consume hot caffeinated drinks (who can resist a good pumpkin latte? No one!)

Anyways, this week has blazed by! I meant to post a few days ago (ok, Sunday night… woops) but it’s now somehow Thursday. Actually, the time quickly passing isn’t really too mysterious. Lawrence and I adopted a new kitten, Zoe, on Sunday, and have been spending most of our time helping her acclimate to her new family and home. I’m proud to say she’s fully adjusted after less than a week, minus a few skittish jumps every now and then. Here are a few of the many adorable photos we’ve snapped of her:

On the way home.
On the way home.
Meeting each other for the first time.
Meeting each other for the first time.
Getting scritchies from Dad.
A case of the post-kitten sleepies.
A case of the post-kitten sleepies.
A case of the post-kitten sleepies.
Dad snuggles are the best snuggles.
First day bathroom hangout.
A lap kitty, through and through.
Wearing the collar charm my dad sent me.
This sibling thing ain’t so bad, after all.
PURRfect nap spot: the living room floor.
Look, now we’re inseparable!
And we eat together now, too!

It really warms my heart to see how well she and Miko get along. It’s also amazing how drastically Meeks has changed with the addition of another kitty into the family. Each day I realize more and more how his playfulness at almost every hour of the day was really a cry for some more companionship. Now that he has Zoe beside him, he’s a calmer, happier fuzzy little man.

Fur babies aside, the coming of September means it’s only a month and a half until my first-ever half marathon, and second-ever official race. To be honest, I’m feeling a pretty equal mix of excitement and nervousness… I’ve already run 10 miles straight so I know I’m on the brink of conquering the full 13.1, but it’s hard to completely calm my nerves since it is my first “big race.” I even had the silliest nightmare about it last night in which I accidentally showed up to the race a full month early (on September 18, instead of October 18). After seeing that no one was there, I became distraught and thought I missed the race all together until a random bystander informed me I was actually one entire month early. I think that strange dream was really my brain trying to tell me that the race is right around the corner and I need to finish getting ready, and I have to say my brain is being heard! I have about six and a half weeks until the big day, but only four weeks left in my training plan, so I should be OK on that front. Once I have my outfit and playlist finalized, I should be all ready to go! After spending some time internet window shopping for Halloween-themed running apparel, I found the cutest tank on Gone For A Run which I think I will probably end up purchasing sometime in the next couple of weeks:


I’m still in disbelief that it’s almost Friday… but you won’t find me complaining about that since it’s Labor Day Weekend! This weekend Lawrence and I are headed to his cousin’s wedding in South Jersey, as well as a baptism party for my friend Jen’s son, Julian. I haven’t gotten to meet Julian yet, so I’m very excited to meet the little guy on his big day. On Labor Day I hope to get outside and either grill or have a picnic, but I don’t have any solid plans yet. I guess if there’s one day when it’s OK to not have a plan, it’s gotta be Labor Day, right?


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