Friday Evening Check-In

Hi, and Happy Friday!

I wanted to write a short post since I am headed to State College this weekend and probably won’t get a chance to write again until early next week.

This week went super quickly, even for a short work week. Here’s some of what went down!

  • VW BUS PLANNER – I ordered a new planner last week and it arrived, woohoo! I love getting any sort of mail… letters, packages, you name it, I love receiving it. The best part of this planner are the cute, multicolored VW buses that speckle the front and back cover. I was kind of skeptical when I ordered it because there were zero Amazon reviews for it and I wasn’t really sure what kind of product I would be getting. It made me realize how much I really rely on other people’s reviews when I purchase something! Anyways, I wasn’t sure if this would be a “legit” planner or a total piece of crap and when I opened it I was, to say the least, impressed (so impressed that I wrote out a real review for it). The little buses are embossed? (not sure if that’s the right word… but they are raised a little bit, and are a shiny material that differs from the matte background) and it’s so sturdy! I am absolutely a list person and loveee writing my entire life in planners, and then crossing things off as I do them. Who gets a rush from writing down their bill due dates for the next 16 months? This weird girl.

The planner!

  • FALL COFFEE – I stopped by Quick Chek yesterday with a friend while they picked up a quick bite for lunch, saw Harvest Spice coffee and HAD to try it. I was not disappointed! Come to think of it, I really am never disappointed by Quick Chek’s limited edition coffee. They had a Thin Mint-flavored one in the spring and it was to die for. I almost can’t wait for spring again so I get to drink it… just gotta get through winter (and hopefully some more yummy coffee then, too!) I also am not ashamed to admit I also had a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte today, too. Woops.
Quick Chek's limited edition Harvest Spice coffee!
Quick Chek’s limited edition Harvest Spice coffee!
  • FALL SUNSETS – As I was leaving the gym yesterday I couldn’t help but notice the captivating sunset. Sure, beautiful sunsets happen all year round but this one really seemed to grab me. One half of the sky was still very dark from a recent rain storm, and the other half was just so bright and uplifting. The contrast really got to me and it was an awesome sight to see after a good run.
Dat sunset doe.
Dat sunset doe.

That is all for now! Here are some bonus cute kitty pics!

FullSizeRender IMG_6180


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