Returning Home

Happy Wednesday!

It is finally starting to feel and look more like fall with each day that passes. For some reason I find myself getting bored of seasons about halfway through them, so when the weather begins to change it makes me so happy. I am welcoming the crisp, clear skies and changing leaves with open arms.

This weekend I ventured back to my hometown in central Pennsylvania. I drove in from New Jersey Friday night after work and boy, was that rough. It’s a four hour drive and about halfway through I was seriously contemplating stopping and getting a hotel room for the night. Luckily a giant cup of coffee, buffalo chicken bites and explicit rap music was all I needed to safely reach my destination.

The weekend was pretty low key and I loved every second of it. I spent it hanging out with my stepmom, Lucy, and childhood friends. I used to have a 55-gallon aquarium at my parents’ house and when they sold the house, Lucy moved the aquarium to her office. Now there is a mix of fish in it and the mollies keep having cute little fish babies! Lucy took me there to see them and I couldn’t get over how tiny they were (not to mention how tiny baby fish food is – it’s powder!). Mama Fish is preggers again so there will be even more tiny babies in the next week or so. Here is a crappy cell phone picture of Mama and Papa Fish, as well as one of their many babies:

IMG_6208I also got to see my friend, Nate, who I haven’t seen in four years and who brought me awesome hot pink, mustache print knee-high socks. The socks are funny, but the funniest thing is that he bought them for me four years ago and forgot to give them to me back in the day (I think that is beyond excusable since he did remember them now… I certainly wouldn’t have!) Seeing my childhood friends was awesome, and we even made some margaritas, too. Check out the mustache socks, and how bad I am at salting glasses:

IMG_6211IMG_6210When I returned home, these lovely, furry little faces greeted me and wouldn’t leave me alone (even when on the porcelain throne… thanks guys!):

IMG_6215And without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite things from this week:

  1. RACE SHIRT – The Halloween-themed race shirt I ordered arrived! Size small was a little too small, so I have to return it for a medium, but I already know I love it! I can hardly believe the half marathon is only a little over a month away.IMG_6219
  2. VISITING HOME – I know I just blabbed a lot about Pennsylvania but there really is something so grounding and refreshing about visiting home. I was blessed to live in the same town (same house, even!) for my entire childhood and adolescence. It wasn’t always smooth sailing there but at the end of the day I know I always have my family and friends to laugh, cry and smile with. It’s therapeutic to venture back home every now and then – I even noticed that if I let more than two months go by without a visit, I start to get crabby and anxious. I love the life I am building in New Jersey, but central Pennsylvania will always have my heart and soul.
  3. BALCONY CHILLIN’ – No words necessary: IMG_6223

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