Birthday Fun, Served with a Side of Gluttony

Happy Hump Day!

Today is my boyfriend Lawrence’s 28th birthday, although the celebration really started Saturday night. What happened Saturday night, you ask? I, Heidi “Gets-Too-Excited-to-Keep-Secrets-a-Secret” Beman, threw my very first surprise birthday party and it was a total knockout!

Last month I invited roughly 20 of Lawrence’s friends and family members to the party which was hosted at JJ Bitting Brewing Company in Woodbridge. I used a cover story that we were meeting my coworkers for dinner and he totally fell for it. Good times were had and I could tell Lawrence really loved it, especially since in the past his birthday was always overshadowed by Halloween or the midterm season.

To continue the celebration, this morning I woke up early to cook breakfast, tonight we’re going out for steak and this weekend I have another (smaller) surprise planned. Moral of the story? I’m screwed when he turns 30. I’m not really sure how to top this one, but I do know that I’ve got major girlfriend brownie points now.

Lawrence's red velvet & buttercream birthday cake!
Lawrence’s red velvet and buttercream birthday cake!

In other news, the past few days have had a recurring theme of gluttony.

GLUTTONY – ACT I: We of course pigged out at the party on Saturday…

GLUTTONY – ACT II: …and the trend continued when we visited Cray Cafe for a late breakfast Sunday morning. Cray Cafe is located in downtown Milltown, which is quaint and old-school industrial cool (there are lots of abandoned factories there that look especially neat during the fall). I went in assuming Cray would have your standard brunch fair, but I was wrong. OK, not completely wrong, they do have standard cafe selections, but they also have so much more… imagine a cafe version of RU Hungry/greasetrucks/”fat” sandwiches. I ordered a sausage, egg and cheese on French toast, and this is what I was served:

Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on deep fried French toast at Cray Cafe.
Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on deep fried French toast at Cray Cafe.

Yeah, I didn’t realize the French toast would be deep fried. My stomach said yes (for most of the sandwich, at least) but my arteries said no. But you know what Oscar Wilde says…

Everything in moderation, including moderation.

Lawrence ordered “The Big Bad Wolf” (pork roll, bacon, ham, egg, cheese and a burger patty on a wrap) and we also enjoyed jalapeno bacon cheddar biscuits and endless coffee. Nom.

GLUTTONY ACT – III: Immediately after pigging out in Milltown, we finally did it: we signed up for our very own Costco membership! I know Costco visits will eventually get old, but let me tell you, it was magical on Sunday. Even though I was stuffed to the brim with deep fried breakfast-y goodness, I still managed to shove a few free samples down my gullet and later when we got home we enjoyed more than the suggested serving size of the Ling-Ling Pork & Vegetable Potstickers we purchased on our inaugural Costco trip. ‘Murica.

Have you ever planned a surprise party? If so, were you able to keep the secret? Also, if you’re a Costco visitor, what are some of your favorite products? The world of bulk products is now my oyster and I need some recommendations!


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