Three More Reasons to Love This Fall

…as if I need any more. Fall has always been my favorite but I think it’s important to take note of what makes each individual season (and day) special. Here are three things I’m loving lately about this fall in particular:

  1. THE FOLIAGE – Two nights ago we got a serious rainstorm. Like, think crazy wind and visible sheets of rain hitting our apartment building. By the time I left for work the next morning the skies had cleared yet everything else remained wet. The bright blue, sunny skies paired with glistening foliage (and the less sexy pavement) made me stop to take a picture even though I was running a few minutes late. Sometimes you just gotta stop to smell the roses, ya know what I mean? I kinda sorta hate the Northeast because of our crappy winters, but I have to hand it the big NE for allowing us to fully experience every season. We get beautiful chilly, crisp falls and it just wouldn’t be the holiday season without some snow. (I say that now…)FullSizeRender(11)
  2. CATIVERSARY – Exactly one year ago yesterday, I brought Miko home for the first time. It’s crazy to think that just one year ago he was a tiny, seven week old kitten and now he’s all grown up and, for the most part, a very mature big brother! My life feels more special now that he’s here and it sounds tacky as hell, but sometimes when we look at each other I really know that he loves me and can sense that I love him, too. It’s a different dynamic now that Lawrence and I adopted Zoe and have an awesome little feline family, but I know Miko remembers the days when it was just me and him. I really do believe we have a serious bond and I think a lot of it has to do with our copious one-on-one time when he was so young. OK, end of crazy cat lady rant.

    One year ago (left) versus now-ish (right)!
    One year ago (left) versus now-ish (right)!
  3. SIMS BURGLAR COSTUME – Yesterday at work there was a costume contest, so I dressed up as none other than a Sims burglar! I was surprised how many compliments I got and was even more surprised by how many people recognized that I was a Sims character. I had no shame in admitting that I still play. In fact, that (and a trip to Costco) is what’s on the roster for tonight! Can you imagine a better Friday night than Costco hot dogs and video games? I, for one, cannot.
    Hard at work, clearly. Although we all know my real job is at night when I sneak into people's lots and steal garden gnomes.
    Hard at work, clearly. Although we all know my real job is sneaking into innocent Sims’ lots at night and stealing garden gnomes.
    My surprisingly strong tissue box plumbob!
    My surprisingly strong tissue box plumbob! Or maybe it’s not that surprising, considering how much hot glue you can see I piled on that bad boy.
    My getup, complete with a face paint eye mask thanks to my friend, Jes.
    My grainy getup, complete with a face paint eye mask thanks to my friend, Jes!

    Note: If you’re interested in making a Sims costume, feel free to check out the plumbob headband tutorial I followed, located here.

    This burglar outfit was pretty easy to pull together. I wore this striped shirt from Target, black skinny jeans I already had, and a beanie/gloves/black headband I bought from Dollar Tree. If you’ve got a budget like me, I would highly recommend checking out dollar stores for those smaller accessories you need. Sure, I saw a pair of black gloves at Target for $3.50, but I got all three accessories (beanie, gloves and headband) for less than that at the dollar store.

    I also used a no-slip headwrap that I wear when I run to secure the headband on top of the beanie as it seemed to want to slide off/fall over on its own. That hot glue gets a little heavy!

Have a great Halloweekend!


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