Monday Mantra #8 and Valentine’s Day Weekend Recap

Happy freezing cold Monday!

It’s been two weeks since I posted (again) which is quite a long time but I promise I will get back on the “at least one post per week” horse.

It’s only February but I’m already feeling like 2016 is off to a great start. Two weeks ago I applied to volunteer at a local rescue society (the same one where we adopted Zoe!) where I would feed, play with, and clean up after the cats. However right after I submitted the application, I perused the organization’s website and saw they needed a marketing volunteer. The clouds parted. The planets aligned. The gods who control the magical fusion of passion and profession shined down on me. Needless to say, I applied again, this time for the marketing volunteer position and the director emailed me back within five minutes. We met the following week and since then I’ve been “on board.” I’m still learning about the organization’s background but I’ve also already started promoting their upcoming events and plugging away at a marketing plan. Marketing AND cats … I’m so excited!

Along with things going well work-wise, things are going well play-wise, as well – Lawrence and I just had an entire weekend of dates (four dates, total) which we’ve dubbed #DATEWEEKEND2016. Here’s what we did:

  • Date #1: Buffalo Wild Wings and Deadpool – On Friday night we ate a quick dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and then saw Deadpool. Dinner was yummy and the movie was silly – I would highly recommend seeing Deadpool even if you aren’t typically a superhero fan. Deadpool is awesome because unlike most superheroes, he understands that he is a fictional character and he breaks the fourth wall a lot which makes for a fun, goofy movie. Our theater experienced technical difficulties so we had to move to another one, and in exchange for the (mild) inconvenience we received two free movie vouchers! Now we just need to figure out which movie to go watch for free (Finding Dory, I’m looking at you…)
  • Date #2: The Blue Bottle Café – On Saturday night we ate dinner at the Blue Bottle Café in Hopewell (fun fact: the owner was on an episode of Chopped). It was fun to get dressed up for a fancy meal, but to be honest we both felt like the food wasn’t quite worth the hefty price tag ($100+ for the both of us). The ambiance, service and dessert was great but the actual food was lacking flavor. It was still a fun and romantic experience so I’m glad we went, just not sure if I want to cough up the money to go back. Silly side note: The best part of the meal was when Lawrence sat back with a very “matter of fact” look and hit his head off the window behind him. This sounds so stupid but it was hilarious and everyone in our dining room couldn’t stop laughing.

    Ricotta gnocchi at Blue Bottle Cafe.
  • Date #3: Philly! – Philly is only about an hour away from our apartment so on Sunday we drove down and ate cheesesteaks at the Reading Terminal Market, then walked to McGillin’s Olde Ale House and had a beer. Reading Terminal Market was awesome as usual – it’s like a festive “giant food court,” as Lawrence described it. McGillin’s was also fun, and surprisingly crowded for a Sunday afternoon. Can’t go wrong with some Valentine’s Day day drinking, I guess!

    Philly cheesesteaks from Spataro’s in the Reading Terminal Market.
  • Date #4: Xena Sushi & Asian Fusion – Sunday night we decided to finally hit up Xena Sushi & Asian Fusion in Franklin Park, which we’ve been eyeballing since this summer. This was definitely the best meal of the weekend and I’m sort of mad at myself for not eating here sooner! Everything about Xena was a win: the food was tasty and beautiful, the service was amazing, the ambiance was loungey and cool, and the prices were affordable. We even got a free rose since it happened to be Valentine’s Day! Seriously, when we walked into this place it almost felt like a nightclub – it was dark but adorned with bright blue, pink and purple lights. The food was gorgeous, too – we sat at the sushi bar and got to watch the chefs construct the dishes, most of which resembled art more than food. One sushi dish in particular blew my mind – it featured beautiful branches and a multi-colored light underneath a mound of ice. Even the green tea ice cream we ordered for dessert was a work of art. So much fun!
    Our sushi at Xena.
    Beautiful green tea ice cream at Xena.

    The pretty sushi display at Xena (picture does NOT do justice!)

Last but not least is this week’s Monday Mantra (in the theme of making s%!* happen)!f6f2d48a618b2d0a999b64ffdc07c810

Have a great week!


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