Restaurant Review: Masala Bay, A New Kind of Fusion

You kind of want Indian food. Some naan and tikka masala sound so good right now.

But then again, you kind of want Middle Eastern. Who doesn’t love falafel?

And you also want to be kind of healthy. It is almost summertime, after all.

If all of the above apply to you (and you live near/are visiting central NJ anytime soon), you need to check out Masala Bay in Somerset.

I stopped by this new restaurant on Easton Avenue for the first time today with my coworkers/friends, Alex and Camillia. We were not disappointed.

Aside from the fresh, delicious flavors, the best part of Masala Bay is its uniqueness. Imagine if  a Chipotle, Indian restaurant and Middle Eastern food truck had a baby, and you have Masala Bay. The self-proclaimed “gourmet fusion cafe” has a create-your-own dynamic similar to Chipotle, but with delicious Indian and Middle Eastern ingredients.

The menu.

Curious what a meal from this place looks like? Take a look below at my bowl, featuring:

  • Saffron couscous with lemon and oregano
  • Chicken tikka
  • Falafel
  • Paneer with scallions
  • Citrus pickled onions
  • Fresh lemon herb tahini


To accompany our bowls, we split an order of garlic naan and it was also great. So great, in fact, that we ate three-quarters of it before I snapped a picture (my bad … but you know you would have eaten it ASAP, too):


The food wasn’t the only good thing – the service was on point, too. The friendly, professional owner was working behind the counter and made sure we enjoyed our meal, and the young woman who built our bowls carefully explained how to order since it was our first time there.

There’s something extremely satisfying about eating at a fresh, healthy, locally owned fusion restaurant. I definitely need to take Lawrence here!


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