Hello, Summer!

Hello! While summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, it’s pretty much summertime to me; I’ve been eating barbecue, I’ve gotten a sunburn and I’ve been sweating entirely too much.

The last two weeks have been eventful ones. To keep things pretty, I’ll keep all the deetz contained in a bullet point list (and some pretty pictures):

  • Somerville Legal Runaround 5K – On May 26, my friends Kevin, Camillia and I ran the Legal Runaround 5K in Somerville. To put it bluntly, it was HOT AF! All-in-all, the race went pretty smoothly given the heat. I finished in over a half hour (boo) but I didn’t stop at all and my average pace was pretty much on point with what it always is. It was literally a run down memory lane, too, since I used to live in good ol’ S-ville.
  • Florida Trip – Over Memorial Day Weekend, my sister Monica and I visited our Dad in Florida. While we were there we visited L’incontro, a surprisingly great Italian restaurant (who would think Central Florida would have amazing pasta?) where our Dad treated us to surprise birthday cannoli … luckily without the happy birthday song being sung to us.
Cannoli at L’incontro (sans the birthday song).
L’incontro Pasta

The following day, we hit Vero Beach (hence my sunburn).


An uncentered photo of the beautiful Vero Beach!

Later that night, my friend Travis came over since he happened to be in town for volleyball nationals. The following, last full day, we visited Bok Tower Gardens and finished up the excursion with pigging out on barbecue at Woody’s Bar-B-Q. If you’re ever in Central Florida, I highly suggest you stop by Bok Tower Gardens. It’s a beautiful estate with vibrant plants, fun wildlife, a sprawling mansion and whimsical bell tower. This was my second visit and while the garden was a bit less vibrant than my previous February visit (visit in the winter for the most colorful flowers), it was still a peaceful, gorgeous adventure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Woody’s pulled pork and brisket sandwiches.
Woody’s corn nuggets with powdered sugar … divine.


Have a great week!


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