2016 Mid-Year Goal Review (and the Importance of Vulnerability)

Happy, happy Friday!

I’m not sure where the time has gone, but somehow it’s June already (OK, it’s basically July!) Hitting that mid-year mark apparently threw my subconscious into some sort of “check-up” mode and prompted me to revisit my 2016 goal list. Half the year has flown by, so here goes my annual goal list check-up! Here we gooooo:

  • Run a full marathon (Philly!?) and two other races, as wellThis is in the works … sort of. A full marathon is actually no longer on my agenda this year (that was my own choice, no injuries or anything), but Lawrence and I plan to run the Philly Half-Marathon in November! I have completed one 5K already and am going to be running another in September, so that’s pretty much set.

  • Go to yoga classesUmmmmm … yeah this will happen during the second half of the year 🙂

  • Work on strength trainingSame with this one! I’m not sugarcoating this list, clearly!

  • Wake up earlier – jog, stretch, meditate in mornings (kiss frantically rushing to work goodbye)DONE! I’ve been waking up earlier most days, and man does it feel good to exercise, stretch, relax and get some work done before I even make it into the office.

  • Go on a road trip to CharlestonThis has sort of warped into a different trip idea. Instead of Charleston, we want to fly down to visit Nashville in October! They have an Oktoberfest I REALLY want to check out … honky tonk, German-style? YAS PLEASE.

  • Visit Dad and Lucy in Florida DONE!

  • Volunteer (food bank, senior center, animal shelter) and donate to charities DONE! I now do volunteer marketing at a local rescue society (the same one where we adopted our little Zoe girly!)

  • Read at least one book every monthI’ve been consistently reading, but a little bit more slowly than anticipated. 🙂

  • Send birthday cardsSo far, so good!

  • Continue working on freelancing and blogging Well, I’m writing this blog right now and doing extra marketing work on the side via my volunteering gig, so I would consider this a success.

  • Get my car door fixed … uhhh …

  • Find new eye doctor and dentistHas not happened yet, but will … I promise!

  • Find a primary physician and get physicals every yearUmmmm … same as above …

  • Carve pumpkins for HalloweenTBD!

  • Have a Friendsgiving TBD!

  • Write down 3 good things that happened each day I started strong in January with this one, but it’s dropped off. I want to purchase and decorate a special “gratitude” notebook to keep myself motivated, and my friend Camillia is very good at keeping up with her gratitude log, so that is inspiring as well. We’ll see where it takes me.

  • Don’t get ahead of myself – take it day by day, moment by moment – Work in progress!

  • Keep an open mind – Work in progress, too!

Ahhh … it feels so good crossing things off a list, even if you only crossed off half of them. Oh well, I’m on track, right?

On one last random note, in effort to never forget this TED Talk (and in hopes that maybe someone will watch it and get the same awesome lesson from it), I present you with “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brene Brown. I discovered this TED Talk last night and it really helped me sort out what goes on in my head when I feel anxious, sad and downright poopy sometimes. Her talking points have been a game changer for me so far, and maybe they will be for you too. Just remember, vulnerability is not a bad thing … in fact, it’s quite the opposite, actually. Enjoy (with your whole heart)!




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