Monday Mantra #13 and Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

Here’s a quick recap of my weekend, based off what I hoped to accomplish:

  • Do my nails: Did them! Here is a photo of them – the color is Totally Tubular by KB Shimmer – but unfortunately it chipped off on my fingernails so I need to re-do them tonight. I don’t think it’s the nail color’s fault … I think it chipped because my top coat is almost empty and I tried to revive it with nail polish thinner, which (I believe) makes it more likely to chip.

    Totally Tubular by KB Shimmer. Don’t mind my gross hangnail.
  • Do volunteer work: Done! I completed almost an entire email blast (just waiting on a few more details from some other volunteers) and am going to work on some blog material this week.
  • Go for a long run: I didn’t quite do a long run, but I did run 3 miles on both Saturday and Sunday. 🙂 #progress
  • Eat lunch with my fam: Done, and had fun! I even hit up Summer Ville Ice Cream, the new ice cream parlor in Somerville, with my brother. It was super cute and they had some interesting flavors (for example: Fig Balsamic Chocolate Ripple, and Earl Grey with Burnt Sugar). I settled for Key Lime Pie with Marshmallow Fluff, and it was delightful.
    Summer Ville Ice Cream in Somerville, NJ!
    Check out those flavors! Green Tea with Chocolate Ripple, I’m coming for you next…

    Key Lime Pie with Marshmallow Fluff goodness!
  • Go to the Garden State Cat Club Annual Expo: Done! And here’s a pic of the cats in the remote control cars, as well as a new scratching post toy I got for Miko and Zoe.
    Waffle and Tirzah, the funny and loving therapy cats!

    The new, Zoe-approved toy
  • Get a library card: Not done … but is on my to-do list for next weekend!
  • Finish my book: Not done because I cannot seem to read more than two pages without falling asleep …
  • Hit up the farmer’s market: I was feeling lazy and got all of my groceries at the supermarket, but I got good deals on everything and didn’t need much, so I’m ok with that.
  • Cook: Complete! Check out the roasted chicken and potatoes I made for myself last night:

  • …and not cook: I TRIED to go to the sub shop I wanted a sandwich from, but when I arrived there was a sign on their door saying they were out of bread (just my luck). I ended up settling for an Italian sub from QuickChek since I had to go there to get cash out of their ATM. It was OK but I always love a good, local, mom-and-pop sub. Next time…
  • Miscellaneous household chores: Done!

Hope you all had nice weekends as well!

Last but not least, here is this week’s Monday Mantra!

A.A. Milne(2)

This is something that came to mind yesterday while I was running. You always hear the phrase, “Be who you want to be,” but sometimes that thought is overwhelming because it makes you feel like you’re not who you want to be or like you’re not good enough.

On the flip side, if I tell myself that on the inside I already am who I want to be, and that I just need to focus on that, it’s both relieving and motivating. So, here ya have it … a more positive (for me, at least) take on the whole “Be what you want to be” bit:

You are who you want to be..jpg

Have a good week!


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