Whatever You Water Will Grow

Today was the first day of training for my second half marathon, the Princeton Half Marathon, on November 6.

One year ago, I was almost done training for my first half marathon. I remember getting out of work early one day and running 11 sweaty, rewarding miles at the park. I’m nowhere near that level of stamina now – but that doesn’t depress me, it inspires me.

One of the reasons running is amazing is because of how quickly you can gain – and lose – endurance.

Each time you lace up your shoes, you’re building and growing. Step after step, you add a tiny little brick to the big, beautiful palace that is your body. The body that can carry you as far as your morning commute, if you let it.

In many ways, running is a metaphor for life.

The professional skills I’ve always wanted but have not yet pursued aren’t not meant for me – they’re just waiting for me to take a series of little baby steps toward them.

The anxiety that can creep up and seemingly consume me isn’t who I really am – my clear, open mind is just waiting for me to hack my way into it. Little daily steps like running (coincidentally), meditating, journaling and telling myself positive affirmations are what I need to be true to who I am.

This first day of training is more than just a block on my calendar. It’s a reminder to always foster growth in my life. It’s a reminder to take those small, daily steps so that I can live a big picture reality. It’s a gentle reminder that:



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