Monday Mantra # 16 – The Dance of Life

Don’t let the title of this post fool you – I suck at dancing.

However, I found a quote about dancing that I think relates perfectly to life. Check it out:A.A. Milne(5).jpg


I think this quote’s message is so important to remember and live by. Stress and hard feelings happen when you expect your dance to be perfect and you (inevitably) make a mistake. It throws you off and stops you in your tracks.If everything needs to be perfect, one tiny “oops” ruins it all.

However, if we embrace the imperfections in ourselves and own the notion that those so-called “flaws” are just a part of the adventure we call life, we can continue our dance – mistakes and all.

When you realize everyone makes mistakes from from time to time, it’s easier to accept your own.

When you realize that growth blooms out of muddy imperfections, it’s easier to embrace yourself wholly.

When you realize life is not made up of perfect vs. imperfect, but rather ebbs and flows, wins and losses, smiles and tears, comfort and discomfort, it’s easier to see that everything, good and bad, is a part of the dance we call life.



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