Monday Mantra #19 – Take It Easy & 5K Recap

Happy Monday!

This weekend seemed to fly by. On Saturday morning my friend Camillia, Lawrence and I ran a fundraiser 5K for the animal rescue society I volunteer for. Later that evening Lawrence and I went to a wedding for his friend, Bril, in south Jersey.

In retrospect I think I did way too much Saturday because the cold I thought I had fought off came back on Sunday 😦 . I spent the day resting but I still currently sound like a frog and generally feel a bit out of it. I’m hoping it clears up soon though because I have another busy weekend next weekend – we’re babysitting my nephew, going to Six Flags and also going to a renaissance faire in New York.

I read a quote somewhere saying that you know you’re a runner when you see other people running and get jealous, and let me tell you, that is soo true. I wasn’t able to run the six miles that was on my schedule yesterday (thanks, virus) but it worked itself out because next weekend is actually supposed to be one rest day and one 5K (which I did THIS weekend) and this weekend was supposed to be a cross training day on Saturday and six-miler on Sunday. Since I already did next weekend’s running this weekend, I’m hoping I feel 100% by the time next weekend rolls around so I can make up for the six miles I missed out on! Fingers crossed…

Speaking of running, I should probably mention how the 5K went this weekend! Before the sun rose, it was chiiiiilllly but once the sun came up, it felt hot! Even though it was only ~70 degrees, with a cotton shirt on and the sun beating down, I was sweating. The race was mostly on a path made of sand-like gravel, which was a lot harder to run on than standard pavement. With all those factors included – and my lovely cold – I didn’t exactly set any records during the race. That being said, I did run a lot faster than I expected to (I probably shouldn’t have run at all … woops). My unofficial time was 33:00 flat, averaging a 10:38 pace. Not great, but not horrible. I’ll take it, all things considered.

And now it’s Monday Mantra time!


This week has really reminded me that it is okay to slow down, take a break and recuperate when you need it. It’s easier said than done, that’s for sure, but it’s important. Remember, it’s okay to take a break.

it's okayto takeabreak!.jpg

Have a good week!


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