Monday Mantra #21 – Reblogged: In Our Response Lies Our Growth and Our Freedom


It’s the last work week before our trip to Tennessee and I cannot wait. After I finish writing this post I am going to book our airport parking, which I am strangely excited to do. It feels like everything is really coming together and I needed a week off like yesterday.

This week’s Monday Mantra is a post I reblogged from The Seeds 4 Life, a resource that aims to help you “plant seeds of inspiration, positivity and happiness within your mind and watch as your best life grows!” Who wouldn’t want to do that?

This post in particular focuses on the special moment in between when an event occurs and when you react to it. This magical moment is where you (consciously or subconsciously) decide how to react, and thus is when it is determined how you’ll feel about the event. For the most part I try to be conscious of this moment and choose a reaction that I am pleased with but sometimes that small window of time slips through the cracks and I let my emotions drive the situation like a runaway train (hey, I’m only human, right?) Doing so always ends up with me feeling wayyyy crappier than I need to about whatever happened. Fun fact: I am guilty of doing this exact thing this morning. I’ll spare you the details, but just know that I did not consciously choose the best reaction to a seriously tiny little situation. Godspeed to Lawrence for dealing with my crazy emotions sometimes.

Anyways, here is this week’s Monday Mantra. I hope it speaks to you just as much as it spoke to me.


We are bombarded with stimuli every day.

Some of these are inherently beautiful: a breathtaking sunrise, birds chirping, and rainbows after a storm.

Some not-so-much: guy cuts you off on your morning commute, spilling your venti pumpkin spice latte on your white suit coat.

We are receptive beings and in today’s world, there is no shortage of input. But as Victor Frankl says, there is a “space” between these events and our response to them. In this space lies tremendous power, in fact, it’s these spaces that shape who we are and how we impact our world.

Take the sunrise for example. In the space after noticing the fiery beauty of oranges, reds, purples…we can choose toturn away, think about our stresses of the workday that is beginning or we can stop and breathe it in, let it nurture our souls.

Or the guy who cuts you off in traffic (ruining your pristine white suit), we can curse and scream and plant that negativity in a shallow spot in our minds, or we can get frustrated, but realize we don’t know what that guy is going through.  We can assess the damage and realize our limbs are intact, the day will go on.

In either instance, we can either frame our response to propel us further toward who we WANT to be or we can knee-jerk into becoming exactly who we don’t want to be.

Like the hip-hop group Black Sheep say so eloquently, “You can get with this or you can get with that.” It’s always your choice…

So next time, notice the space you have between stimulus and response and decide how you want to react, how you want to grow and who you want to become.

Click here to view the full original blog post.


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