(Belated) Monday Mantra #22 – Plunging into Change

OK, so it’s not Monday, but I’ve been busy trying to get back to my normal routine since our vacation to Tennessee last week, so a Wednesday Mantra will have to do. 🙂

This is a reblog from The Seeds 4 Life, a great site with wise, inspirational content for so many things that we all experience. This post in particular is about embracing the change that inevitably happens in life. It’s particularly relevant now for me because … WE GOT ENGAGED!

Last Saturday, October 8, Lawrence proposed to me on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville. With a clear, starry nighttime sky and the city’s colorful lights reflecting off the water below us, it was nothing short of magical. (It was also a blur, so thanks to the kind strangers who took pictures AND a video of our special moment. Without you, I would have forgotten how it even went down!)

Honestly our engagement is still sinking in for me – since we’ve been living together for about a year and a half, it kiiinda feels the same at home and in our relationship, but I’m sure that will change come wedding day … and come the boatloads of planning we have to do. Plus it’s one of the biggest transitions in life, so of course I’m still wrapping my mind around it. Isn’t it funny how one of the biggest changes in your life can feel almost like nothing? I like to think it’s because we’ve been so comfortable together for a while now. It’s only when I look down and see the ring on my finger that I’m like “Whoa, this is for real!

Anyways, on to the awesome blog post about change:

Change, the only certainty in life; yet, we resist it. We fight so hard to keep things the same.  We argue with its reasoning and turn our backs to it. But no matter how hard we fight, it drags us – sometimes screaming and crying and sometimes with our teeth chattering in fear.

So I have wondered, what do we have to lose by admiring its waters and swimming with its current? Dancing with the trees as they sway in its winds? Inviting it in to illuminate the parts of us that need to grow?  What do we have to lose by plunging into it and moving with its rhythm? Our approach towards change can provide us with all of the difference in how we welcome the next season of our lives.

No matter our resistance or our fear, the leaves will fall in autumn and the flowers will bloom in spring.Change will come. Let’s go on this adventure with an open heart and an inquisitive soul.

Have a good remainder of the week! Change is exciting, scary and the seed for growth; embrace it!


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