Monday Mantra #23 – Action Will Overcome Fear

Happy Monday!

Can you believe it’s already almost Halloween? I can’t. This year is totally flying by but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for all of the fall and winter holidays. Halloween candy, turkey, the joy of Christmas morning … I can’t wait.

This weekend was a busy one but a good one. On Friday I took off work and Lawrence and I toured three more wedding venues … AND WE CHOSE ONE! We’re waiting to put down our deposit until November since a sale starts then, but the woman at the venue reassured us that our date for next year is secured.

Look how beautiful it is! (And, may I add, it was the cheapest venue we saw!)


On Saturday I babysat my niece and had a blast. She’s getting so big so fast, and we had a fun time exploring the trees and leaves outside, watching silly kids shows and eating Reese’s peanut butter cups (smart girl).

Sunday morning I participated in the New Jersey Walk to End Lupus Now in support of a friend and coworker. Then when I got home, I miraculously ran the nine miles I was scheduled to run as part of my half marathon training plan. I was really scared I wouldn’t pull off the nine, because last year I prepared so much more for my race than I have this year. Maybe it’s because it was my first half marathon, but last year I was so much more “by the book” with the training than I am this year. But heck, I still ran nine pretty much nonstop yesterday, so my faith in running a half in two weeks is stored!

Now on to today’s Monday Mantra, which is all about fear versus action.

A.A. Milne(4).png


Those of you who have met me (which probably isn’t a whole lot of you) most likely know that I am the queen of overthinking. Blame it on my genetics, blame it on some not-so-great family events that occurred during my childhood and teenage years, blame it on hormones, whatever … either way you cut it, while I am a pretty “normal” high-functioning adult, I definitely tend to overthink things and mentally curl up into a ball thanks to my good old friend named Fear.

What’s important to remember is that fear is not what is in control of your life’s outcomes – your actions are. Ruminating with a crappy thought won’t do anything but make you feel worse. Rather, the best thing we can do is take a deep breath, connect to the happy parts inside of us and act on that rather than fear. With every action we take, the closer we come to the things we really want.


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