It’s Just One of Those Days…

It’s just one of those days where the world feels right.

Despite all of the challenges that lie behind us, you can always trust things to come full circle and work themselves out. The goodness in the world and in our destinies will always shine through and guide us through the dark times.

My sister-in-law has cancer. Today is her last day of chemotherapy. Despite some complications during the treatment process, she is finally at the end of her tunnel. The light is shining on her – and our entire family. Through the darkness she found a future filled with family, love, health and a strength she never knew she had.

I grew up with a tarnished image of what love, marriage and family was. Instilled in me was a belief that all good things come to an end, and that it’s never a good idea to become comfortable. Now I wear a beautiful engagement ring on my finger, a symbol of how – both together and on my own – I’ve learned that love is a commitment, a choice we make every day. I battled through the darkness of my past and the warped expectations grown in my mind and now am planning one of the most beautiful days of my life. Without that darkness I don’t think the light would be so bright.

Two-and-a-half weeks ago, I hit a deer. My car was damaged pretty badly. I just received word that I’ll get it back – in better shape than before – next Wednesday. In some ways, we are all like my car. Excuse my French, but sometimes unexpected shit hits us, puts a dent in us – hell, it can even debilitate us – but with the right will, we’ll always bounce back, we’ll always make what repairs we need, we’ll always get back on the road, we’ll always keep moving.

We will always heal. So get up, get out there and follow that light.



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