Monday Mantra #26 – “Adulting”

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you, but I really do feel the holiday spirit lately – even if the weather feels a bit more like spring than winter!

This weekend was a busy but good one. Saturday I woke up and went to Target to finish my holiday shopping, and then in the evening we went to a friend’s secret Santa party. I had a few too many drinks, wore a cute ugly Christmas sweater and laughed a lot. It was a great time and also a reminder that I am way too old to drink like that on any kind of regular basis – yikes. Sunday we went to a kid’s first birthday party, I picked up a new library book and wrapped all (YES, ALL!) of my gifts.

By the way, here is the “ugly” sweater I wore on Saturday night. I think it’s more cute than ugly, and the funniest part is that this is a children’s size XL! After some stretching of the sleeves, it fit like a charm 🙂 Why do kids always have cuter clothes than adults?


Speaking of adults, I had an epiphany this weekend. While at the one-year-old’s birthday party, I looked around and realized – holy crap, we are adults now. Just a short five years ago, I could drink like no other and was all about doing whatever, whenever. Now when I drink more than a few, I feel crappy. Rather than wanting to roam around, I want to settle and find a little corner to call home. I think about 401ks, down payments for a house and wedding plans. We spend weekends at birthday parties with our friends and their cute kids. And call it boring, call it “normal,” call it average … but I freakin’ love it. And it also freakin’ snuck up on me.

In ode to the sneaky little journey that eventually plops you in adulthood, here is this week’s Monday Mantra from none other than one of my favorite journalists, David Carr (RIP)!

(Note: I still rock out in my car, play The Sims and, apparently, wear children’s clothing. Keep your sense of adventure, humor and fun – no matter your age!)

A.A. Milne(7).png

“The onset of adulthood is an organic, creeping process. No one wakes up one day and decides, ‘Lo, on this day I shall forever put away childish things and begin clipping coupons to go to Wal-Mart.'”

-David Carr, “The Night of the Gun”

Have a great week!


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