2016 Review and 2017 Goals

Well, well, well … another brand new year is upon us!

I have to say, 2016 really flew by and it was an amazing year. I embarked on a new journey as a volunteer, blogged regularly (for the most part), kept up-to-date with some housekeeping-type tasks, and freakin’ got engaged (had to save the best part for last).

Just to review, here are the goals I had for myself in 2016 and a note regarding whether or not I met them:

  • Run a full marathon (Philly!?) and two other races, as wellWell, I ran two 5Ks and trained for another half marathon but the half was supposed to be right after we got engaged and I decided to bypass it in order to save some money.
  • Go to yoga classesUgh nope. But I want to do this! Maybe I’ll treat myself after the wedding and buy a pass. Until then, I need to save all my funds for the big day.
  • Work on strength training I actually did this! Last month I bought some dumbbells and embarked on POPSUGAR’s 21 Day Arm Challenge. I will be posting a review for it once I finish the challenge.
  • Wake up earlier – jog, stretch, meditate in mornings (kiss frantically rushing to work goodbye)I’m getting semi-better at this. I would say half the time I wake up early to make coffee, meditate and/or run. There is still plenty of room for improvement though 🙂
  • Go on a road trip to CharlestonUm, even better, we flew to Nashville and got engaged!
  • Visit family in FloridaDone! 🙂
  • Volunteer (food bank, senior center, animal shelter) and donate to charitiesDone! In February 2016 I became the marketing director of a local animal rescue society (the same one where we adopted our little Zoe girly).
  • Read at least one book every monthAlmost! I read 11 books last year.
  • Send birthday cards Done!
  • Continue working on freelancing and bloggingI would say I blogged mostly regularly!
  • Get my car door fixed No, but to be fair, I did take it for an opinion and was told it’s not worth it to fix. So, whatever, haha.
  • Find new eye doctor and dentist Done! AND got glasses!
  • Find a primary physician and get physicals every yearOops…
  • Carve pumpkins for Halloween Next year!
  • Have a FriendsgivingNo, but we attended one if that counts!
  • Write down 3 good things that happened each dayEhhh I did this for a few months but I REALLY need to stick to it this year. I will get started on it tonight 🙂
  • Don’t get ahead of myself – take it day by day, moment by moment Ongoing/in progress!
  • Keep an open mindOngoing/in progress!

All-in-all, I’d say that 2016 was a success. I definitely met more goals than not! Now on to the good stuff … my goals for 2017!

Credit: unsplash.com
  • Run at least two 5K races
  • Go to yoga classes (post-wedding)
  • Get some cool color in my hair post-wedding (new last name, new hair?!)
  • Continue to strength training
  • Continue to wake up early to meditate and/or work out in the mornings
  • Visit family in Florida
  • Read at least 10 books
  • Send birthday cards
  • Continue learning how to code
  • Find a primary physician and get a physical
  • Carve pumpkins for Halloween
  • Write down 3 good things that happened each day
  • Stay strong and resist mindless spending in order to save up as much as possible for the wedding and honeymoon
  • Pay off my car
  • Have fun wedding planning but don’t get caught up in the details
  • Embrace the wedding day and be as mindful and present as possible
  • Have a stress-free, relaxing honeymoon!
  • Make a family cookbook
  • Get back into drawing
  • Don’t get ahead of myself – take it day by day, moment by moment
  • Keep an open mind

Here’s to an amazing 2017!


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