Monday Mantra #28 – Put Your Fears Behind You

Happy Monday!

This weekend was busy, busy, busy! Friday night we went to a sweet 16 birthday party for one of Lawrence’s cousin’s children. I’ve never been to a “real” sweet 16 party so it was really fun and interesting to me. I really never knew that people actually had big sweet 16 parties like that! It almost felt like a wedding. I even wore lipstick, ha!

Saturday we went over to a friend’s house and experienced the joy/sorrow that are Neil Breen’s movies (if you love hilariously awful movies, definitely check out Neil Breen), and then on Sunday I went to a wine and paint class with two of my friends, Laura and Christina. Check out my masterpiece, based on none other than my cute little Miko:


I also cleaned the apartment this weekend, which is nothing new. But what IS new is that I finally found an awesome bathroom cleaner that ACTUALLY gets the nasty mold/soap scum off our shower tiles. I really should have taken before and after photos, but rest assured that if you need something to take off really nasty scum, use Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover! I found it by searching for the highest rated bathroom cleaners on Amazon and I have to say it worked like a charm (just make sure you air out your bathroom!) By the way, it also only cost me four dollars at Target. #winning

Now for today’s Monday Mantra. I read this last week on the blog called TheSeeds4Life, but it’s so good that it’s been stuck in my head for days now. Enjoy!

A.A. Milne(9).png

Always Put Your Fears Behind You and Your Dreams in Front of You – Unknown

At this moment, which thoughts are you allowing most to influence your daily actions; your dreams or your fears?

For many, it’s our fears which dictate our daily steps.  The fear of the unknown, the fear of failure or criticism, the fear of not being good enough, strong enough, fear of what lies just beyond the borders of that self-fashioned comfort zone.  It’s these self-imposed fears, these self-limiting beliefs which hold us back and keep us from the growth we seek.

I wont be able to handle the outcomes if I fail, and what if I get judged harshly?” What if Im not good enough?” I could never do what that person does, Im just not that type of person.”

To develop and grow into our best life, we must keep our dreams in front of our fears.

Find a strong reason for why you want to accomplish that which you desire.  Think of those reasons when fear tries to stop you. Think of those reasons when failure steps in to set you back.  Think of those reasons when progress becomes sluggish and your motivation draws weary.

Let your dreams be the dominate force that sways your daily actions.

Have a great week!


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