POPSUGAR 21-Day Arm Challenge Review

Happy Monday!

In lieu of this week’s Monday Mantra, today I am reviewing the POPSUGAR 21-Day Arm Challenge.

With our wedding approaching on the horizon, I was looking for a way to tone up the old guns. I’ve never had a HUGE issue with my arms, but they definitely weren’t toned and I wanted to venture into the world of strength training both to increase my strength and to decrease my arm jiggle.

Enter the 21-Day Arm Challenge. My sister recommended the challenge to me because A) all you have to do is purchase two dumbbells in the weight of your choice, and B) she seriously did see results in 21 days.

Below is the challenge that I followed more or less to a T (I missed a couple of days because we were out of town, but I made them up right when I got back):


My Results

I was skeptical about this challenge, especially because I was only using 5 lb. dumbbells, but it seriously DID WORK! I definitely have more definition in my arms now, and my triceps are less jiggly (huzzah). I also noticed that the annoying muscle knot I usually get in my upper back totally went away. Could it be that it was caused by me being a total weakling? Probably.

Check out my results below! The photos go left-to-right and are of my arms before, after week 1, after week 2 and at the end of the challenge, respectively:

I’m no weightlifting genius, but one note I would make about the challenge is that I imagine these results go away if you don’t maintain it. You need to keep repeating this challenge (possibly with heavier weights) and eat right to stay trim and toned for the long haul. No magical 21 day fix will ever make you have the arms/body you want for life. But hey, I’m a big supporter of long term health and fitness lifestyles, so I’m all for repeating this challenge – with heavier weights next time.

Have a great week!


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