Monday Mantra(s) #15 – “Inside the O’Briens”-Style

Happy Monday! Despite flying by, this weekend was a good one! I spent Saturday morning in the world’s most gorgeous urgent care because I wasn’t sure what was up with my eye – it turns out it was my very first stye and not an infection, thank goodness. Anyways, check this place out, it looks … More Monday Mantra(s) #15 – “Inside the O’Briens”-Style

Eats & Reads: Maritime Parc and Water for Elephants Reviews

Happy Tuesday! The past week has been a pretty eventful one. Nothing too major has happened, but I’ve been up to a bunch of fun “minor” things. On Thursday, my friends/coworkers Camillia and Melissa and I visited Maritime Parc in Jersey City for a chef’s tasting – it was my very first one! (Not so … More Eats & Reads: Maritime Parc and Water for Elephants Reviews

Hello, Summer!

Hello! While summer doesn’t officially start until June 20, it’s pretty much summertime to me; I’ve been eating barbecue, I’ve gotten a sunburn and I’ve been sweating entirely too much. The last two weeks have been eventful ones. To keep things pretty, I’ll keep all the deetz contained in a bullet point list (and some pretty pictures): … More Hello, Summer!